Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you see walk-ins?
Appointments are always best, but we always welcome walk-ins. We do however ask for your patience as we work you into the schedule. We also offer drop-off options.

Do you see emergencies?
We see emergencies and walk-ins during business hours. Any non-business hour emergenices are refered to the nearest emergency facility.

Do you see large animals/farm animal?
At present we do not routinely see large animals or carry large animal medications. We do perform minor procedures based on the doctor’s discretion and comfort level. Please call for more information.

Do you accept payment plans?
The only payment plan we accept is through Care Credit. You can apply online at Unfortunately we are no longer able to extend personal payment plan options and appreciate your understanding of this policy.

What days do you do surgery?
We can do surgery any day of the week as necessary. We prefer to perform elective procedures such as spays and neuters on Weds and Thurs.

Can I get a prescription refilled here?
Florida Law and the Code of Veterinary Ethics allows us to fill prescriptions as deemed appropriate by your pets veterinarian as long as they have a valid patient client relationship. This means that your pet must be seen by one of our doctors within the year.

How much do vaccines cost?
We have very convenient vaccination packages that are tailored to each pets individual risk assessment, please call for pricing details.

Do you spay and neuter?
Yes, by appointment.

Do you accept spay/neuter vouchers?
No we do not.

Can we drop off a lost pet at your facility?
For the safety of our hospitalized pets and boarders, we are not able to accepet stray pet drop offs. We do however encourage you to post a found report on our community board or bring the found pet in for a microchip scan

Does my pet need to be sedated for dental cleaning?
Dental cleanings are a sedation procedure. Unfortunately our animal patients are not able to comprehend the need to sit completely still for a thourough cleaning so this does require general anesthesia. We do take several steps to ensure this is a safe and painless process and would be happy to discuss the process with you at your next visit.

Can I pick up/drop off my pet on Sunday or after hours?
We currently do not offer extending pick up/drop off from boarding or emergency services. This is for the safety of our staff. The building will remain locked at all times outside of regular business hours.